Special Projects

Un Beau Dimanche by Nicole Garcia

Mari posa Morning Sky playlisted.
"Morning Sky" Mari posa on Soundcloud

Vogue and H&M Party for the launch of Versace's collection for H & M

Mari posa Royaume à Stockholm playlisted. vogue.fr

Filmer la Musique. Saison 2011

Mastered by Yuk-Fü Records (Koudlam, Catholic Spray, Aladdin, Guillaume Teyssier)

Vogue Magazine. Miami Inédit

Added Dvd about Fashion Week Backstage included Tracks from Diplomatic Shit, Fireman & Sunsun.

Big shots to Caroline Geraud @ Vogue France & Armelle Morland @ Coco Production

Citizen Records

The Micronauts Reaction (Diplomatic Shit Remix)

Our Fellow Friend The Micronauts asked us a Remix for his track called Reaction (Extracted from his incredible LP "Damaging Consent" issued on Citizen Records).

Le Printemps Rock Couture

Collaboration with Le Printemps & Vogue France to sounddesigned Paris Shop for Rock Couture Campaign.

Barcelona Electronic Event

Citizen Records compiled Tracks for Barcelona Electronic Event Festival included The Micronauts Reaction (Diplomatic Shit Remix)


Videos Sound Designing for both of Perfect Rouge & Eye Shadow Internet's Campaigns.

Gulp Communication

Milke Love get out of my Way (Fireman Remix)

Included Daniel Wang, Designer Drugs, Fireman & Qoso Remixes.

The duo comprises Andrew Friendly (music) and Ra (vocal, lyrics). Under the producer/DJ moniker of Friendly, Andrew has released acclaimed albums and numerous club tracks including ‘The Bump and Grind’ and ‘2Black2Gay’. He’s also remixed Justice, We Have Band, The Rivers, INXS, and many more.

Milke Maybe I'm Crazy (Fireman Remix)

Included Fireman Italo Dub Remix (Yuk-Fü) & Joe & Will Ask remix (Kitsuné)